Sitecore : Extending OnItemSave Handler

In a recent project, I have to update certain fields of sitecore item when the item is saved in sitecore.

The solution I went for involved extending item:saved event and adding my own handler to do certain actions based upon template type

If you are in a similar situation, here are the steps to do

1. Create you custom class with a public method to perform your logic
2. In web.config under <events> find , <event name=”item:saved”> and append your handler at the end.

Here is basic class code

public class ItemSaveEventHandler
//master database name
public static readonly string Master = "master";
//sample template id
public static readonly string TemplateIdItem = "{67B44133-70CD-405C-BDAF-B93E5AEA2682}";

public void OnItemSaved(object sender, EventArgs args)

Item temp = Event.ExtractParameter(args, 0) as Item;
//make sure you are in edit mode and not in publish mode
if (temp != null && temp.Database.Name.ToLower() == Master)
//check if the template is what you are looking for
if (temp.TemplateID.ToString() == TemplateIdItem )
//do your stuff with the item, this is just a sample
temp.Fields["Title"] = "new item saved title";




Complie and debug code, when you are ready change the web.config

<event name="item:saved">
<handler type="Sitecore.Links.ItemEventHandler, Sitecore.Kernel" method="OnItemSaved"/>
<handler type="Sitecore.Globalization.ItemEventHandler, Sitecore.Kernel" method="OnItemSaved"/>
<handler type="Sitecore.Rules.ItemEventHandler, Sitecore.Kernel" method="OnItemSaved"/>
<!-- add the namespace name and assembly dll name as per your site -->
<handler type="<MyWebsite.Handlers.ItemSaveEventHandler>, <MyWebsite.Hanlders>" method="OnItemSaved"/>

Thats it, if everything is correct the event handler will be called when someone saves an item in sitecore


3 thoughts on “Sitecore : Extending OnItemSave Handler

  1. Thanks for the post, I didn’t see the AcceptChanges() – it is very confusing, what is the BeginEdit() and EndEdit() for if you need an AcceptChanges() as well?

  2. And one should use EndEdit(true) when inside this pipeline or else one might trigger a stackoverflow by triggering the pipeline again and again.

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